What To Do When Hiring A Home Care Worker

Chances are you likely have an elderly loved one who would rather remain in their home as much as they possibly can rather than go to an assisted living facility when the time comes. At the same time, however, they may also require help with some of the most basic everyday activities. You could either find someone to help them through an agency or even hire a home care worker yourself.

Finding a Candidate

To find the right home care worker candidate, you could begin by talking to friends, neighbors, and co-workers for any potential referrals. You could also consider putting up a notice on a bulletin board, or even look into a college job placement program that offers a social work program. Additionally, you could also run an advertisement online or in your local newspaper that fully describes the job and all of the duties that are involved with it. Be sure to include your phone number and email address; however, never give out any of your personal information, such as your name.

Caring For Seniors

Considering All Applicants

Take the time to compose a detailed job description that you will be able to share with all applicants. Be sure to include all of the tasks that they will be required to perform, as well as the days and hours that they will be required to work and any personal preferences in regards to driving and transportation options. It will also be a good idea to write down any questions that you may want to ask to get a good idea of the applicants’ personalities.

You should also decide exactly how much you’re willing to pay the right candidate as well. Furthermore, if you directly hire someone, you will also need to determine how much you will have to pay for taxes, Social Security, etc. Check with the IRS for the proper forms and information that you will need for this.

Always conduct the first interview over the phone and ask the potential applicant about their overall work experience, the hours that they’re available to work, driving experience, and if they have any special training with elderly individuals who suffer from a variety of health issues.


Before conducting an interview, request that applicants bring a resume with them, as well as the names and phone numbers of no more than two references. You should also try to have your elderly loved one participate in the interview with you so that the applicant will have the chance to meet them in person, provided they are feeling well enough to do so.

Take the time to describe all of the needs that your loved one requires, as well as their likes, dislikes, and overall health concerns. You should also outline all of the duties that the applicant will be required to perform, all while remaining friendly, yet professional. No matter what, always ask questions that will enable you to determine whether or not an applicant will be a great fit for both the job and your loved one.

Obtain the applicant’s name, home address, phone number, and Social Security number. Furthermore, never be afraid to ask them for either a photo ID or driver’s license to prove that they are who they claim to be. Additionally, you also have the right to ask them if they have ever been in any legal trouble as well. Certified¬†elderly caregivers in Vancouver BC should be used to this questioning since it is their job to take care of the people with illnesses.

As previously mentioned, ask the applicant if they have any experience working with elderly individuals who suffer from many different types of health issues, such as dementia. You should also consider asking about their work history, including why they left their previous employer.

You should also ask the applicant about their expectations regarding the position, as well as why they are working in the home care field. From there, invite the applicant to ask any questions that they may have, as well as your expectations. No matter what, be sure to provide honest answers.

Concerning salary and benefits, be extremely clear about this and address any misunderstandings that the applicant may have.

Checking the Applicant’s References

Once you obtain references from applicants, always call them. They will be able to officially confirm any feelings that you have about a particular applicant as well as provide you with any other information that you may have missed.

If a reference is an applicant’s former employer, be sure to ask them about attendance and punctuality, as well as the overall nature of their work itself. Furthermore, find out exactly why the applicant left their position and if there were any problems involved. During your calls, be sure to take notes.

“It’s also a good idea to consider a criminal background check on each applicant” says http://striveliving.ca/ – home care assistance.¬†“Even if you have to pay for it. The best way to obtain more information on this is to contact your local law enforcement agency.” “It can reveal so many different things you didn’t know beforehand on the person you are hiring/

If you find a suitable individual, consider hiring them for a trial period that lasts one month rather than hiring them permanently right away. Be sure to explain that this is merely for you to see if this will be an acceptable agreement. If it works out and the job offer is accepted in full, be sure to lay out everything in writing, including everything regarding the trial period, duties, pay schedule, salary, etc. Have both of you sign this and make two copies, ensuring that you keep one for your records.

During the first few days, try to be at your loved one’s home to familiarize the new home care worker with the entire routine. It may also be a good idea to drop by unannounced to see how everything is going.

You will also need to obtain the applicant’s name, address, phone number, and Social Security number

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